Brian Gallant and Marijuana in New Brunswick

Premier Brian Gallant has been pro Marijuana reform since before he was elected. He predicted the positive economic impact that legal Marijuana sales will bring to the province. For years illegal Marijuana produced in New Brunswick and other provinces of Canada have flooded the local markets from Fredricton to Campbellton and everywhere in between. The Marijuana has been untested and all the profits that criminal organizations like the Hells Angels have received are not taxed and then are invested in more illegal activities. Brian Gallant and the province of New Brunswick have welcomed with open arms companies that want to get involved in this new industry. Both licensed producers in New Brunswick (Organigram and Zenabis) have received financial support from Brian Gallants government. This support has come in the way of wage subsidies, tax breaks and loans for construction. Recently the government of New Brunswick has stepped up their support for the local industry by signing supply agreements with 2 producers (Organigram and Canopy Growth).

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