Moncton, NB Marijuana Dispensary Locations

Moncton, New Brunswick is a growing community with a young population and low unemployment. The perfect demographic for Alcohol and Marijuana sales.  For a city with a population of only 70,000, Moncton has 4 corporate liquor stores (source NB Liquor), this is well above the average liquor stores per capita in other medium size Canadian cities.  In additon to the 4 stores in Moncton , there are 2 more in Dieppe and 1 in Riverview .With the government of New Brunswick planning to roll out Marijuana dispensaries across the province for July 1, 2018, you can expect Moncton to also lead the way in Marijuana dispensaries per capita. This will only be the case though if the governments true intentions are to get rid of the black market for Marijuana. Less Marijuana dispensaries in the community will mean that the illegal black market will continue to thrive.

The last time I went to Magnetic Hill  in Moncton, I thought it was a cool experience. Magnetic Hill is a local tourist attraction where you put your vehicle in Neutral and it will start to roll uphill.  Now imagine sitting in the passenger seat of a car slightly buzzed on Marijuana while you let the car coast up the Magnetic Hill!

Some things in life are better off done slightly buzzed on good legal marijuana!

lets hope that the Province of New Brunswick continues to lead the country on their plans for the roll out of legal recreational Marijuana

here are the address of the 7 NB liquor stores in the Moncton area

1160 blvd. Findlay Blvd., Riverview, E1B0J6 (Riverview)

780 boul. Dieppe Blvd., Dieppe, E1A9G5 (Dieppe – boul. Dieppe Blvd.)

513 rue Regis Street, Dieppe, E1A1Y2 (Dieppe – rue Regis Street)

53 boul. Vaughan Harvey Blvd., Moncton, E1C0N3 (Moncton – boul. Vaughan Harvey Blvd.)

936 ch. Mountain Road, Moncton, E1C2S2 (Moncton – ch. Mountain Road)

71 Filles De Jesus Ave, Moncton, E1A4Y2 (Moncton – promenade Elmwood Drive)

1780 chemin Mountain Road, Moncton, E1G 1A9 (Moncton North / Nord)


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