Brian Gallant and Marijuana in New Brunswick

Premier Brian Gallant has been pro Marijuana reform since before he was elected. He predicted the positive economic impact that legal Marijuana sales will bring to the province. For years illegal Marijuana produced in New Brunswick and other provinces of Canada have flooded the local markets from Fredricton to Campbellton and everywhere in between. The Marijuana has been untested and all the profits that criminal organizations like the Hells Angels have received are not taxed and then are invested in more illegal activities. Brian Gallant and the province of New Brunswick have welcomed with open arms companies that want to get involved in this new industry. Both licensed producers in New Brunswick (Organigram and Zenabis) have received financial support from Brian Gallants government. This support has come in the way of wage subsidies, tax breaks and loans for construction. Recently the government of New Brunswick has stepped up their support for the local industry by signing supply agreements with 2 producers (Organigram and Canopy Growth).

Recreational Marijuana usage in New Brunswick

Recreational Marijuana Usage In The Province Of New Brunswick, Canada

Recreational marijuana usage and its legality has always been the subject of a lot of debate and discussion in Canada. Is the use of recreational marijuana legal in Canada? Can recreational marijuana be freely bought, sold, and used in all provinces of Canada? Read on to understand some of the facts about recreational marijuana and its legality in Canada.

Is Recreational Marijuana Usage Legal In Canada?

As of July 1, 2018, recreational marijuana is legal all over Canada. A federal order legalizing the recreational use of marijuana was passed in July 2017 and comes into effect on July 1, 2018. Although the order for the legalization had come from the federal government, it has been left to the provinces to get the details in place for the sale and use of marijuana in their respective provinces. Regulations regarding manufacture and creation of the substance are, however, mainly at the federal level.

The New Brunswick province in eastern Canada has been one of the most proactive provinces in terms of implementing this federal order for recreational marijuana. It has taken steps to ensure that the transition into legality is smooth in the province.

New Brunswick And The Federal Government Order About Recreational Marijuana

The provincial government in New Brunswick has been proactive in the implementation of the legalization order on recreational marijuana in the country to ensure the province does not lose out on the economic benefits of the federal order. The government has got doctors and other medical experts on board to understand the advantages and pitfalls of legalizing marijuana and to prepare sufficiently for potential problems.

The provincial government has created a Crown corporation for the sale and distribution of recreational marijuana. The government has also finalized two manufacturers/suppliers of the substance in the province. Here are some of the recommendations by the team of medical practitioners and experts to the provincial government on the subject of sale and availability of recreational marijuana in New Brunswick:

• The Crown corporation created for the purpose should have monopoly over the sale and distribution of recreational marijuana so that the substance can be regulated.

• Law enforcement officers should be trained and equipped to spot and stop as well as prevent drivers from driving under the influence of marijuana.

• There should be adequate awareness and education about the ill effects of the use of marijuana to discourage abuse and addiction. The use of the substance should, in no way, be actively encouraged by the government.

• The legal age to buy recreational marijuana has not been decided, but the recommendations mention those about 19 or 21 years of age can legally buy. The age has not been fixed yet.

New Brunswick expects to get an economic boost from the sale and regulation of recreational marijuana in the province. However, the focus seems to be to ensure that there are no safety concerns and the sale is strictly regulated so that the substance is sold only to citizens above a certain age.

Moncton, NB Marijuana Dispensary Locations

Moncton, New Brunswick is a growing community with a young population and low unemployment. The perfect demographic for Alcohol and Marijuana sales.  For a city with a population of only 70,000, Moncton has 4 corporate liquor stores (source NB Liquor), this is well above the average liquor stores per capita in other medium size Canadian cities.  In additon to the 4 stores in Moncton , there are 2 more in Dieppe and 1 in Riverview .With the government of New Brunswick planning to roll out Marijuana dispensaries across the province for July 1, 2018, you can expect Moncton to also lead the way in Marijuana dispensaries per capita. This will only be the case though if the governments true intentions are to get rid of the black market for Marijuana. Less Marijuana dispensaries in the community will mean that the illegal black market will continue to thrive.

The last time I went to Magnetic Hill  in Moncton, I thought it was a cool experience. Magnetic Hill is a local tourist attraction where you put your vehicle in Neutral and it will start to roll uphill.  Now imagine sitting in the passenger seat of a car slightly buzzed on Marijuana while you let the car coast up the Magnetic Hill!

Some things in life are better off done slightly buzzed on good legal marijuana!

lets hope that the Province of New Brunswick continues to lead the country on their plans for the roll out of legal recreational Marijuana

here are the address of the 7 NB liquor stores in the Moncton area

1160 blvd. Findlay Blvd., Riverview, E1B0J6 (Riverview)

780 boul. Dieppe Blvd., Dieppe, E1A9G5 (Dieppe – boul. Dieppe Blvd.)

513 rue Regis Street, Dieppe, E1A1Y2 (Dieppe – rue Regis Street)

53 boul. Vaughan Harvey Blvd., Moncton, E1C0N3 (Moncton – boul. Vaughan Harvey Blvd.)

936 ch. Mountain Road, Moncton, E1C2S2 (Moncton – ch. Mountain Road)

71 Filles De Jesus Ave, Moncton, E1A4Y2 (Moncton – promenade Elmwood Drive)

1780 chemin Mountain Road, Moncton, E1G 1A9 (Moncton North / Nord)


Is Zenabis the Largest Licensed Producer in Canada?

International Herbs Medical Marijuana (Zenabis) received their ACMPR license from Health Canada last month. They are located in Atholville , New Brunswick in a 400,000 square foot concrete building. Is there any other licensed producer in Canada that has a bigger indoor Marijuana grow? The building is less then 15 years old and was a former yarn factory that was built with heavy government support.

The founders of Zenabis purchased the building 4 years ago and even listed it for sale 2 years ago probably due to the frustration with the whole licensing process. I am sure that they are happy that the building did not sell!

Other licensed producer in Greenhouses talk about how much square footage they have, but I am not sure about the feasibility of growing more then one crop a year in a greenhouse in Canada


New Brunswick Government Signs Supply Agreements for Marijuana

The New Brunswick government has signed two supply agreements to guarantee supply for the July 1, 2018 Recreational Marijuana sales date. Organigram a small Marijuana producer based in Moncton has signed a deal worth roughly $40 million per year for two years. Canopy Growth the largest Bud producer in Canada which does not have a licensed facility in New Brunswick has also signed a $40 million dollar per year deal for 2 years. The exact details of these deals and if any other deals are pending are sure to be released soon

New Brunswick has 2 Federally Licensed Marijuana Producers

According to the Health Canada website, New Brunswick has 2 licensed Marijuana producers

  • Organigram , 35A English Dr, Moncton, New Brunswick
  • International Herbs Ltd (Zenabis) , 12 Comeau Ave, Atholville, New Brunswick

Organigram is a Publically traded company under the trading symbol OGI. Organigram received their license on March 26, 2014 and have had a steep learning curve to get to where they are today. The company had a history of being chronically underfunded and suffered from bad leadership in the form of arrogant and unexperienced CEO Denis Arsenault.  They finally got rid of Arsenault after lab testing on their product revealed that they had been using banned pesticides. For an Organic company (Organigram) to use banned pesticides is an oxymoron. Hopefully with the tanking of Denis Arsenault (the moron in Oyxmoron) the company will be ready to produce clean product for the planned recreational market in 2018. Organigram operates a 30,000 square foot building and are working on a 100,000 square foot expansion of the facility.

Zenabis is a private company with Rumored ownership out of British Columbia. They received their Health Canada license on August 18, 2017 (recently). Only time will tell if they can learn from the mistakes of Organigram. Hopefully with that fact that they are a private company, they can focus on building a sustainable business rather then a pump and dump stock scheme like their provincial counterparts. Zenabis is operating out of a 400,000 square foot building, who knows how much of that is actually useable.